Leistung Energie elaborately produces ES series high-performance vector frequency converters, based on many years of experience accumulation in electric drive R&D and various industrial automation applications, in combination with internationally first-class drive technologies.
ES series products can meet industrial control demands from different fields under severe environments with their high performance, rich functions and perfect structures, and provide all-round competitive advantages including excellent quality, friendly human-machine interface, and convenient services.

ES Series Low-voltage Frequency Converter

Model   ES Series

Product Description

·Innovative Thermal Design Philosophy and Professional Thermal Simulation ·Analysis Note
·Rigorous Temperature RiseTest on the Whole Converter
·Spraying Process of Conformal Coatings
·High Protection Grade
·High Anti-interference Capability
·Wide Voltage Range Design
·Innovative and Independent Air Duct Design
·Selection and Design of Key Components
·CE Certification Compliance

Application Description

Typical Applications
·Air compressor
·Fans & pumps
·High speed maglev blower

ES Series LVFC Product Catalog