Indoor Wire Copper NM-B Cable


Indoor Wire Copper NM-B Cable
Production standard: UL 719
1.Conductor: annealed copper, comply to ASTM B3
2.Insulation: PVC, type THHN.
Color for 2 conductors: white, black;
Color for 3 conductors: white, black, red
3.Wrapping: kraft paper tape over the grounding conductor
4.Core jacket: Nylon
5.assembly: the conductor laid parallel, with kraft paper tape wrapped.
Jacket: PVC, flame retardant. 90℃
H05VV-F PVC Insulated Flexible Cable


H05VV-F PVC Insulated Flexible Cable
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BV 450V 750V PVC Insulated Wire


BV 450V 750V PVC Insulated Wire
PVC insulated wires are suitable for laying at the fixed places for rigid conductor, and can mobile use for flexible class 5 conductor. It is widely used in connecting of power device, lighting, daily electrical appliance, instrument etc. with AC rated voltage up to and including 450/750V(U0/U).