BTK-110kV/220kV Series transformer neutral point auxiliary devices are composed of neutral point disconnector, discharge gap,zinc oxide arrester and current transformer for measuring discharging current,etc.In order to make a reasonable and convenient equipment layout,based on customer product requirements,we can design T-shaped or n-shaped steel support.It can protect the transformer neutral point when lightening over-rated voltage,operational over-rated voltage,and temporary over-rated voltage happen.

Complete Sets Of Protective Device Of Neutral Point BTK

Model   BTK-110kV/220kV

Product Description

The btk transformer has passed all of the type tests of national insulator arrester qualified supervisory and testing center,applying to the electrical power system in which rated frequency is 50Hz or 60 Hz, complying with IEC standards and national standards.

The btk transformer's Main feature:

▪     Integrated complete sets of protective devices make installation quick and convenient.

▪     Stick discharging clearance is an independent component, made of stainless steel. The clearance part is easy to adjust.

▪     The installation screw holes are accurately prepared after the disconnector and arrester type confirmed from our customers.

▪     Support adopts a hot-galvanized steel structure, with the personality of solid and corrosion prevention.

▪    Manual operation mechanism adopts CS17A Series perfected manual mechanism, equipped with stainless steel cabinet which can be operated easily and conveniently, with good performance in sealing, water, and dust protection, corrosion prevention.

▪     It can be equipped with a new type of electromagnetic lock which can be installed coded locks by customers.

▪  Motor Operated Mechanism adopts the CJTKB Series motor mechanism. The mechanism case is made of stainless steel with nice appearance, integral sealing and good performance in water and dust protection, corrosion prevention. At the same time, it can meet a variety of interlocking requirements. Secondary components are provided by famous domestic enterprises or joint ventures. Leistung Energie is a professional transformer manufacturer.