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The power control cable is suitable for connection in control, signal, protection circuit and measuring system with rated power-frequency voltage 450/750V or 0.6/1KV.
Operating characteristics:
1). Rated power-frequency voltage Uo/U: 450/750V or 0.6/1KV.
2). Max. The permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 70℃
3). Max. short-circuit temperature of the conductor shall not exceed: (5S maximum duration) 160℃
4). The ambient temperature of flexible control cable under installation should not below 0℃. Otherwise, the cable shall be preheated.
5). The recommended bending radius of a cable should be:
Non-armored cable, not less than 6 times of the cable diameter.
Armored cable or copper tape screened cable, not less than 12 times of the cable diameter.
Shielded flexible cable, not less than 6 times of the cable diameter.

Model NO. KVV

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