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Submersible pump cable (ESP Cable) is used for the power cable of ESP units which is installed on land or offshore oil Leistung Energiells. The esp power cable product manufactured by us has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable quality. The main manufacturing equipment is included the ROYLE 090 plastic extruder, the rubber continuous vulcanizing process, the interlocked armoring machine made by CEECO, Canada, the continuous sintering process imported from GRILLER, Austria, the Nokia cross-linked cable process, the advanced continuous annealing process and tinned process, etc. Insulation material that can be used is as below: PP, EPR, polyimide-F46, fluoroplastics, XLPE, etc. The material of inner jacket includes NBR, compound of the neoprene and PVC, EPR, fluoroplastics, lea, etc. The outer sheath material is as the galvanized steel tape, stainless steel tape, etc. We are esp cable manufacturers, all kinds of cables for the submersible oil pump can be developed according to the customer’s requirements.

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