Gas Insulated Load Break Switch
Gas Insulated Load Break Switch

1. Covering your present and future requirements

2. Adapted to the extension of your units

3. In compliance with standards constraints

4. Telecontrol optional(3G/GSM supported)


1. Modular construction, for reduced/increment units

2. Miniaturization designed to saving space.


1. Breaking and earthing component are integrated enclosed in a SF6 filled gas tank which made of epoxy resin.

2. Under normal operating conditions the control mechanism reduced maintenance.

3. Enhanced electrical endurance cause the advanced magnetic arc extinguish design on contactor.

Ease of installation

1. Dimensions and weights reduced cause miniaturization designed.

2. Adapted to cable connection.

3. Simplified switchboard busbar connection.


1. IEC62271-102

2. IEC60265

3. IEC62271-200