GW4 series outdoor high voltage disconnector is widely used in the outdoor high voltage electric equipment of three phases AC 50Hz or 60Hz, used in HV lines transfer in free of load condition,and electric disconnection for maintenance of HV busbar,circuit breaker and live HV lines, etc. Meanwhile,it also can be used in the opening and closing of low capacitive or inductive current.It can supply a safety insulation distance according to the requirements when the switch is in the normal opening position.

GW4 Series Two Columns Horizontally Rotating Type HV AC Disconnector

Model   GW4

Product Description

The gw4 high voltage disconnector's contactor connects with the base by shaft fossa, wiring plate connect with the rod by flexible copper, which sharply decreases the main circuit resistance compared with the old structure.

The lower end of two post insulator fixed at the rotation disc of bearing pedestal upper end,the left and right contactor respectively fixed at the upper end of post insulator,drive
the rotation disc by operating mechanism,the post insulator drive the contact arm to rotate 90°,another rotation disc of post insulator contrarotation 90° for the pulling of a cross-connecting rod,whereupon the switch towards one side to open or close.The clearance between the open contacts is big enough to ensure the insulation distance to guarantee safety.

Adopt rolling axis to transmit, easy operation, flexible rotation, open and close freely.

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