GW5-40.5/72.5/126 Ⅲ Series, two columns, horizontally rotary, V-shaped, HV, AC, disconnector, apply to the power system with rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, for the HV line transfer without load, V-shaped HV AC Disconnector also use for breaking or connecting the HV line with the HV equipment like HV busbar in maintenance, circuit breakers, etc. Meanwhile, This type of Two Columns HV AC Disconnector still uses for controlling the bus-bar transferring current and charging current with rated specifications on CTs and Lightning Arresters during the switch operation when it needs to change the operation mode in the local power grid not breaking or stoping the load current.

GW5 Series Two Columns Horizontally Rotary V-shaped HV AC Disconnector

Model   GW5-40.5/72.5/126

Product Description

The GW5 ac hv disconnector conducting rod using angle aluminum profile, increasing the cooling area of the conductor, improving the conductivity and reliability.

Using a new type of contactor and external pressure contact finger structure, with good ability of heat dissipation, eliminating the skin effects, but also has good self-cleaning and abrasion resistance capacity.

Wire holder and wiring terminal use fixed soft linkage to flow, wiring terminal and outgoing post with one-piece structure, increasing strength while reducing a possible hot point.

Adopting full sealed structure bearing block and double upside and downside seal, preventing the erosion from rain and sand, fill enough greases with temperature range -60℃~ +130℃ on the surface of the bearings, to make sure that the greases will not lubrication failure.

The earthing Balde adopts a one-step action structure, moving contacts of earthing switch adopt self-reliance structure with simple and beautiful, small operating force, reliable in action.

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