This product is a three-phase AC 50Hz outside HV switch, applies to control and protect of 550kV transmission system, and also can be used as a circuit breaker and opening & closing capacitor bank, and abides by GB7674-1997 and IEC60517.

LW 550kV SF6 Circuit Breaker

Model   LE 550

Product Description

The LW 550kV sf6 circuit breaker Structure and Features:
▪A circuit breaker is the horizontal layout,double-fracture structure,equips HMB-8.3 type hydraulic springs operating mechanism,the mechanism deployed in the tank side,with the body connected with a straight dynamic seal,double fracture in a series arrangement,the mechanism through the insulating rod to drive operation,and the other insulating rod fracture and a fracture to achieve tandem.
▪Arc extinguish chamber through outlet bushing to connect high-voltage lines, feed-through type current transformer install between the tank and the outlet pipe.
▪Self-energy-type Arc extinguish chamber, short-circuit breaking currents up to 60kA, arcing time is short, the operation is low noise
▪Continuous breaking 63kA short-circuit current 20 times without repair
▪Equipped with ABB manufacturing HMB-8-type spring hydraulic operating mechanism, safe and reliable, continuous operation without maintenance for 10000times.

Leistung Energie is a professional sf6 hv circuit breaker manufacturer.

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