LVQB series SF6 current transformer is an inverted fully closed structure, mainly by a terminal, shell, casing, inflation valve, density controller, junction box, base and other components.

SF6 Gas Current Transformer

Model   LVQB

Product Description

The use of environmental conditions: minimum temperature:-35℃; maximum temperature:+40℃; daily average temperature does not exceed:+35℃;

The maximum average relative humidity of 95% (at 25℃); maximum wind speed:34 m/s; no serious impact on the atmosphere of the transformer insulation pollution and erosive and explosive media. The SF6 Gas Current Transformer according to the user to use specific conditions for targeted design.

The SF6 gas current transformer's Features:
1, SF6 as the main insulation, stable and reliable, with insulation from the recovery function;
2, no fire, explosion hazard;
3, has a reliable dynamic thermal stability;
4, seismic performance;
5, excellent sealing performance;
6, reliable operation, easy maintenance.

Leistung Energie is a professional SF6 gas current transformer manufacturer.