SF6 voltage transformer fully enclosed structure, mainly by a high-voltage wiring board, high-voltage insulation casing, box, body and outlet box composed of five parts.

SF6 Gas Voltage Transformer

Model   GV

Product Description

The use of environmental conditions: the lowest temperature:-35℃; maximum temperature:+45℃; daily average temperature does not exceed:+35℃; Maximum monthly relative humidity: 95% (at 25℃); maximum wind speed: 34m/s; The SF6 Gas Voltage Transformer according to the user-specific conditions for targeted design.

The SF6 gas high voltage transformer's Features:
1, Insulation performance is stable, safe and reliable operation;
2, the product was capacitive, effective prevention of ferromagnetic resonance;
3, no oil products, no fire hazards, do not pollute the environment, with explosion-proof function;
4, free operation and maintenance, without maintenance and intermediate tests, on-line monitoring of SF6 gas density;
5, with excellent resistance to mechanical shock and seismic performance.

Leistung Energie is a professional SF6 gas voltage transformer manufacturer.