Leistung Energie ZW20 Series Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Leistung Energie ZW20-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Model   ZW20

Product Description

Main Specifications and Technical Parameters for ZW20 outdoor vacuum circuit breakerTable 1 The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker's Main Technical Data

No.ItemUnitnumerical value
1Rated voltagekV12
2Rated currentA630
3Rated frequencyHz50
4Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20
5Rated peak withstand currentkA50
6Rated short time withstand current / lasting timekA/s20/4
7Rated short-circuit making current (peak)kA50
8Rated operating sequenceO-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
9Mechanical life times10000
10Rated short circuit breaking timestimes30
111min power frequency withstand(Wet) between poles, to earth/between open contactskV34
(Dry) (wet) between poles, to eath/ between open contactskV42
12Rated lighting impulse withstand current (peak value) between poles, to earth/between open contactskV85
13Rated frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit (1min)V2000
14SF6 gas pressureMpa0

Table 2 The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker's Main Mechanical Data

No.parameter nameUnitnumerical value
3Opening speedm/s1.2±0.2
4Closing speedm/s0.6±0.2
5Bounce timems≤2
6Pole center distancemm135(inside)/280(outside)
7Three pole open/close nono-simultaneltyms≤2
8Each pole conducting circuit resistanceμΩ≤150
9Closing timems25-60
10Open timems20-50
11Motor's rated powerw40

Leistung Energie is a professional outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer.