Leistung Energie Low Voltage Sub Board

Low Voltage Sub Board

Model   LVSB

Product Description

Leistung Sub Distribution Boards offer power distribution using MCCB and MCB with unique design features of the enclosure to ensure high performance and design versatility for a wide variety of customization options.

The LVSB low voltage distribution board's Benefits/Features:

•Completely knock down form: Parts are joined by nuts and bolts for easy assembly and dismantling
•Brackets: Special bracket formed from aluminum that allows devices to be mounted in any designed dimension
•Ventilation: Allows free flow of air passage to ensure sufficient heat dissipation
•Frame structure: Patented superior frame structure provides greater mechanical strength and durability
•Material: Standard frame made of electro-galvanized steel. Option to use stainless steel material in a harsh and corrosive environment
1.2mm (Stainless Steel)
1.5mm (Electro-galvanised steel)
•Cable access:
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Leistung Energie is a professional lv distribution board manufacturer.
The low voltage sub board we manufacture has a good reputation both domestically and internationally. We have strong design capabilities and quality control capabilities to ensure the quality of our power distribution boards.