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MS Series 400V Diesel 715kVA 2500kVA Generator Set
Japan technology, low fuel consumption, excellent performance. Standard with 50℃ radiator. High price/quality ratio among high HP products.
MS Series
Leistung Energie's MS Series 400V Diesel 715kVA 2500kVA generator set is a high-quality power equipment with advanced manufacturing techniques. With Japan technology, it boasts low fuel consumption and excellent performance. Equipped with a 50℃ radiator, it ensures a stable and reliable operation. The product provides a high price/quality ratio among high HP products, making it an ideal choice for industries that require large power supplies. It can be used in various scenarios, such as power plants, mining operations, hospitals, construction sites, and more. It solves the issue of costly and unstable electricity supply and ensures continuous operations. Contact us for more details on our diesel generators 715kVA and 2500kVA.