S11, S13 lower loss series oil immersed distribution transformers have reached the 1st modern advanced level in the world, which can be used in the urban and rural power grid.

12kV&36kV Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer

Model   S11/S13

Product Description

We are determined to be the best manufacturer and supplier of oil immersed transformer in China. Business is only the first step. I hope we can build a relationship of mutual trust and long-term cooperation with our customers. I believe that you will be satisfied with our 12kv and 36kv oil immersed transformer.

The features of the product structure are:

1 Core of transformer is made by the high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet with laser notch, cutting by the German company's GEORG cut-into-length line to ensure fewer shear burrs, high precision lamination, also inclined by 45℃ full-seam construction, making the silicon steel sheet rolling direction same as the magnetic flux direction, it can reducing the load loss, load current, and noise level.

2 HV winding is made with polyvinyl acetal wire enamel wire, layer type, double-sided glue dots paper are used as the layer insulation between layers, it will stick together after dry, so that the HV winding to solidify to a solid after dry.HV winding ampere-turns arranged by our specific technology, it will reduce axial strength during short circuit happen.

3 Corrugated tank structure used in the transformer design. German company's GEORG corrugated tank production line can produce the corrugated sheet and welding seam automatically, the weld the tank rim and bottom on the welding desk, it will be performed the leakage test after welding process finished one tank by one tank, and a final leakage test for the whole transformer to ensure the quality of sealing.

4 The oil will be filling in the transformer under vacuum condition, strictly and advanced technology greatly improved the insulation strength of transformer.

5 Leistung Energie’s own patented technology is used on designing of transformer bushing, no pressure pin and plate in the outside could avoid oil leakage, steel rust and etc, the structure is reasonable and contour artistic.

6 Oil level gauge with magnetic plate structure, can fully isolation the oil tank and air can ensure the quality of transformer oil not to effect by ultraviolet radiation.

7 Bar-type No Circuit Tap Changer used on the transformer design, it is easy to be operated. It can be automatically and quickly switched, and have obviously felt during switched by hand. Effectively solve the problems of the switch as other tap-changer. The client can also add a lock to prevent the non-normal random switching according to their requirement.

Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer Product Catalog