Pro-F Fire-rated Busway

Pro-F Fire-rated Busway

Model   Pro-F

Product Description

After introducing the international advanced technology, Leistung Energie researched Pro-F Fire-rated Busway based on several years’ design and manufacturing of High & Low Voltage Busway. The product adopts novelty design and advanced manufacturing technique. It represents energy-conversation, environmental protection philosophy for the production, usage and lifetime. This product is with the character of safety and reliability. It’ s green energy saving product for Power equipment and systems construction and upgrading.


Harbor and dock; Petrochemical industry; Date center; Rail transit

Place with waterproof, anticorrosive and explosion-proof requirements; Air-raid shelters;archives; high-rise buildings; Convention Center

Places with fire protection and emergency needs.

Leistung Energie can customize suitable solutions according to different needs of customers. Our rich experience in this field for many years makes it no longer out of reach to meet the demanding requirements of customers.