• LV Switchboard
Leistung Energie provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics, and electromechanical devices. The business improves complete safety, reliability and efficiency of its customers’ activities across all major industries including the residential sector.
Leistung Energie LV Switchboard defines the new switchgear tradition and complies to the latest IEC standards. The modular and high-performance switchboard ensures low installation costs, flexibility, ease of maintenance and long life performance. The low voltage switchboard is designed for use in Motor Control Centre (MCC), Power Control Centre (PCC) and Main switchboard applications.Over the years, Leistung Energie has gained invaluable experience and expertise in a comprehensive array of power distribution products and application solutions for the Commercial, Residential, Industrial Process Plants, Infrastructural Developments, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, and the Marine/Oil & Gas applications as well as for the specialized industries such as Data Centres and other Mission Critical projects such as Hospitals. Leistung Energie is continuously committed to introducing state-of-the-art equipment and technological upgrades to its product offerings.

Why Leistung Energie?
Production Capabilities

• 40,000 sq. metres production space
• Annual production of 10,000 fully equipped columns
• Fully Automated Busbar Cutting Machine
• In-House metal works and parts fabrication
• Fully / Semi Automated Gasket Foaming Machine
• Fluidised Epoxy Electrostatic Powder Coating and Recovery System (coat to 60μm thickness)
• Automated oven for coating processes (Annealing Oven)
• LVD Omega 1500 and Sienna S1225 Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Turret Punch Machine
• LVD HydrulicPressbrake Bending and Cutting Machines
• Amada Stamping and Pressing Machines for metal forming
• Networked Customised Computer Aided Design (CAD) Systems
• Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Stations
• Automatic Coiling Machines
• Digital Controlled Torroidal Winding Machines
• Laser Cutting Machine
• Laser Engraving
• Robotic Welding
• Advanced Wiring Process
Service Support
• Strong R&D team
• Skilled Engineering/Production teams
• In-house test bay station – 1000kW, capable of performing full load tests
• Switchgear training
• Calibration support: Calibration facilities to modify and recalibrate products
• On-time delivery and quick commissioning
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