• Air Insulated Switchgear
Air-insulated switchgear - Medium Voltage
Classic and intelligent air-insulated switchgear solutions and services up to 36kV

Air insulated switchgear for power utility and industry, as Leistung Energiell as covering high-quality demand applications, such as mining, data centers, oil and gas, marine and nuclear power utility. Full range of ais air insulated switchgear products are designed and type tested as per IEC, GB, GOST and other standards.

Why Leistung Energie?
▪ World Class Factory and Facilities (VI, VCB, Contactor, AIS, GIS, RMU, Smart Solution...)
▪ In-house Official Authorized Testing Laboratory
▪ Full engineering and technical support
▪ Short Lead Time & Fast response
▪ Experienced R&D Team & Proprietary Patents
▪ Fully Type Tested according to IEC(AS) 62271.200
▪ Internal Arc Fault Type Tested A-FLR 40kA/1s
▪ 95kV Lightning Impulse for 12kV System
▪ Integrated Interlocking System for Safety Guarantee
▪ Motorized CB Racking & Earthing Switch Operation
▪ Arc-proof Fully Insulated Busbars
▪ Nuclear 1E Level and Seismic-proof
▪ Modular Design to Minimize Spare Parts
▪ Front and Rear Access
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