• Gas Insulated Switchgear
Gas-insulated switchgear - Medium voltage
Leistung Energie offers a wide range of medium voltage up to 36kV Gas insulated switchgear solutions complying to IEC standard for primary and secondary distribution to suit every application.

Why Leistung Energie?
▪ As gas insulated switchgear manufacturers, we have world Class Factory and Facilities
▪In-house Official Authorized Testing Laboratory
▪Full engineering and technical support
▪Short Lead Time & Fast response
▪Experienced R&D Team & Proprietary Patents
▪Fully Type Tested according to IEC(AS) 62271.200
▪Internal Arc Fault Type Tested A-FLR
▪Solutions for all kinds of applications
▪HV section totally independent of environmental influences
▪High level of reliability
▪Maximum availability with minimum maintenance requirements
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