Generator C125D5-50HZ
Standby Power (kVA/kW): 125/100

Prime Power (kVA/kW): 112/90

Fuel Type: Diesel

Frequency: 50Hz

Speed: 1500RPM

Alternator type: Brushless

Powered by: Cummins
The C125D5-50HZ generator uses advanced manufacturing techniques and features a unique design that ensures reliable and consistent performance. The four-stroke-cycle diesel engine is fuel-efficient and lightweight, while the alternator has industry-leading mechanical and electrical features. This generator is ideal for a range of usage scenarios, including emergency power generation, remote power supply, industrial applications, and standby power backup. It is designed to operate in extreme temperatures and is built to meet industry standards such as ISO8528-5 and NFPA 110. Additionally, it has industry-leading motor starting capabilities and high efficiency to ensure smooth operation even in challenging conditions. Other features include a user-friendly control panel, automatic voltage regulation, and low noise operation.
The C125D5-50HZ generator comes with multiple certifications, including ISO9001, CE, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18000, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for quality, environmental responsibility, and health and safety.
Leistung Energie dealers provide comprehensive post-sale support, including maintenance and repair agreements, ensuring that customers can rely on their generator to perform when they need it most.