VEC Vacuum Contactor
VEC vacuum contactor & fuse combination unit is an indoor switchgear developed by Leistung Energie, with rated voltage of 3.6 ~ 12kV working in three-phase AC distribution system.
VEC vacuum contactor & fuse combination products have reasonable structure, compact size, light weight, long mechanical life, high reliability, low cut-off current value and long electrical life. It is a high-performance, maintenance-free vacuum contactor & fuse combination unit.
▍Main Technical Features
·Low chopping current of 0.3A results in an extremely low operating voltage
·Extremely long mechanical and electrical life, up to 1,000,000 electrical self-holding operation cycles , and 300,000 mechanical self-holding operation cycles 
·Maintenance-free operation system
·Meet the requirements of remote operation 
·It can cooperate with microcomputer-based integrated protection relay to realize selective actions
·Rated breaking current and take-over current up to 4000A 
·A fuse tripping device is equipped to avoid phase-deficiency operation of the load