VEP Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker


VEP Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker is the world's first full-series medium-voltage embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker developed by Leistung Energie. The voltage levels cover 12kV, 24kV and 40.5kV. VEP circuit breaker adopts a high-performance, low-resistance vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber. After epoxy resin casting, it realizes full embedded pole insulation and is completely maintenance-free during its service life.
The embedded pole of the VEP circuit breaker encapsulates the ultra-low resistance type vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber and the primary circuit's main conductive parts in epoxy resin, which is suitable for bad working conditions. It has replaced the need for SF6 gas as external insulation to a certain extent, and is more eco-friendly.
The application of VEP circuit breaker ultra-low resistance type vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber meets the requirements of high current VEP for temperature rise and reduces power loss. And it also adopts a modular spring operating mechanism featuring high reliability and easy maintenance.
The VEP circuit breaker can remotely control the electric chassis through the SCADA system of the substation so that it can automatically switch on and off, and the substation can be unattended.                                                                                          

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