ZCW-126/T2000-40 COMPASS, adopting air as arc insulating medium and SF6 gas as the arc control medium, is to be used for the control and protection of three-phase AC 126 kV power distribution and transmission system, as well as the field of contacting circuit breakers and switching capacitors, especially applicable for the urban substation, enterprise substation, montanic substation.

ZCW 126kV Compass

Model   DQC

Product Description

The ZCW 126kv compass air insulated switchgear's Structure and Features:

▪Combine the circuit breaker,disconnecting switch,current transformer,SF6 voltage transformer,lightening arrester, bus bar and other components on the grounded steel support.
▪Occupy 30% --50% area of that common ones.
▪The whole bay is preassembled and adjusted before leaving the factory,and transported to the operating site as a unit,which shortens much installation time within 3 hours.
▪Adopt high-quality arc control device,SF6 voltage transformer,compound insulator lightening arrester;high reliability,no need of maintenance basically.
▪Break 31.5kA short-circuit current, and full breaking time is 3 cycles.
▪The structure is simple, and it could break full capacity for 20 times.
▪Incorporate with support bus bar, no need of steel support and insulator.
▪Flexible arrangement, various connection styles are applied.

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