ZW17-40.5 series Outdoor High-volt Vacuum Circuit Breaker, a three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high-volt switchgear, is applicable for the 40.5 KV power distribution and transmission system to close or open the load current, over-load current, short-circuit current and so on.

ZW17 40.5kV Outdoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Model   ZW17-40.5

Product Description

The ZW17 40.5kV high voltage vacuum circuit breaker's Structure and Features:
▪The 40.5kv outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker adopting the outdoor vacuum arc control device that provides the advantages of safe and reliable performance, long service life and so on.

▪Selecting the insulating material that is excellent in quality to avoid the troubles caused by the gas filling and oil filling.

▪The current transformer occupies the characteristics of high precision, large capacity,more ratio, more classes and so on.
▪Either CD10- type electromagnetic operating mechanism or CT19BW-1 type spring operating mechanism is allowed to be matched.
▪Horizontal and mid-assembled arrangements are the two structures.

Leistung Energie is a professional high voltage vacuum circuit breaker manufacturer.

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