Circuit breakers for indoor and outdoor applications in medium voltage vacuum and SF6 gas.

Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker

Model   VEP

Product Description

Leistung Energie's medium voltage circuit breakers have a world-wide proven reputation for reliability, performance and long life.CBS from Leistung Energie is available for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to incorporate in their own installations or for use in repair, retrofit and upgrade projects.

Leistung Energie's VEP model circuit breaker was designed in Germany and is the first completed series of MV embedded pole vacuum circuit breakers in the world to adopt the latest technology of Automatic Pressure Gelation(APG) to embed the vacuum interrupter and connection terminals within the epoxy resin. Comparing with bare interrupter VCB or assembly housing interrupter pole VCB, the VEP model outdoor vacuum circuit breakers is fully solid insulated,avoiding the risk of insulation faults caused by adverse environmental impacts such as dust,humidity, small animals,etc.

Leistung Energie is a professional VCB mv circuit breaker provider.

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