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High Voltage Instrument Transformers up to 800kV
Available up to 800 kV for measurement, protection and control
Current Transformers, Inductive Voltage Transformers, Capacitive Voltage Transformers, Combined Current/Voltage Transformers and Station Service Voltage Transformers are designed to transform high current and high voltage levels down to low current and low voltage outputs in a known and accurate proportion specified by the product nameplate ratios. All units are tailored for specific applications, either to operate accurately at steady-state conditions or to maintain reasonable accuracy reading up to extreme fault level conditions.
Leistung Energie Instrument Transformers consist of high dielectric strength oil-filled designs using paper and foil shields impregnated with refined dehydrated and degassed transformer oil, or stress-controlled, shield-graded SF6 gas-insulated designs. This ensures conservative reliable performance for decades of service in demanding global outdoor environments.
▪ Revenue metering for electric utilities, independent power producers, or industrial users
▪ Protective relaying for use with switchgear to monitor system current and voltage levels
▪ High accuracy wide current range use for independent power facilities
▪ Station service power needs within substations or for power needs at remote sites.

Why Leistung Energie?
▪ State of the art processes and materials for best service life
▪ Factories maintain traceability to National Accuracy Standards
▪ Continuous improvement of instrument transformer products based on user feedback
▪ Active engineering participation in setting national standards for the HV Instrument Transformer industry

Model NO. SF6 GV

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