The i-AMS medium-voltage switch expert diagnosis system EDS is a specialist in switchgear. Leistung Energie dedicates to intelligent substation development of medium-voltage switching system intelligent diagnosis system, it integrates the existing diagnosis knowledge, diagnostic strategy analysis method, the experience of the industry experts in the big test station fault data, etc., analyzing the health condition and fault of product timely and effectively, and increasing the stability and reliability of the switch product put into operation in the power grid.

i-AMS medium-voltage switch expert diagnosis system EDS

Model   EDS

Product Description

The i-AMS medium-voltage switch expert diagnosis system EDS is to install various sensors on the switchgear and collect the temperature, current and operation curve of the switchgear. Meanwhile, it integrates professional diagnostic method and theory, synthesizes acquisition data of switchgear and fault data of switch industry equipment to conduct real-time self-diagnosis and automatic fault identification of medium-voltage switchgear, and timely analyze potential faults of switchgear, sends early warning and provides effective resolution at the beginning of defect, so as to effectively prevent and solve the further development of potential fault, and greatly reduce the probability of unexpected power failure.

Application Description

Applicable occasions include:
new substations, transformation substations, life extension substations, operation and maintenance substations, remote maintenance substations

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