The core unit of Enerswit+ 40.5kV series SF6 gas insulated RMU uses patented self-energized load switch, vacuum circuit breaker with ultra-low resistance and primary live parts, which are sealed in a stainless steel air tank fully filled with SF6 to isolate with the outside, ensuring that the switchgear and all live parts in the air tank will not be affected by the outside environment. This exempts the unit from maintenance, improves the reliability of power supply, enhances personal safety and meets the needs of economic and reliable operation.

Enerswit+ 40.5kV series SF6 gas insulated ring main unit

Model   ENERSWIT+ 40.5kV

Product Description

Technical Features
• Enerswit+ series is standardized based on the same platform, compact and reliable;
• SF6 gas isolated;
• Rated voltage: 40.5kV;
• All primary live parts are sealed in a stainless steel air tank fully filled with SF6;
• Resistance to internal arc fault;
• Earthing switch has earthing making capacity;
• With mechanical interlocking, ensuring correct and reliable sequential operation;
• All primary devices are sealed in a stainless steel air tank, applicable to the distribution sites with salt mist, moisture or susceptible to contamination;
• 450/500mm* wide, compact, light-weight, saving occupation area;
• Designed based on a full-metal, full-seal, and modular concept, achieving a whole life cycle of primary live equipment maintenance free.

Application Description

• Onshore/offshore wind farms
• Medium and large photovoltaic power stations
• Small medium voltage substation
• Industrial enterprises
• Large buildings and venues
• Airport, port and rail transit
• Municipal engineering, commercial complex, urban center, etc.

Enerswit+ 40.5kV Product Catalog