Global 400v 50hz diesel generator manufactures
D Series 400V Diesel 165 kVA 825kVA
Our diesel generator boasts high-quality components, imported directly from South Korea, and a standard 50℃ radiator.
D Series
With its international advanced technology, Leistung Energie has designed and manufactured a D Series 400V Diesel 165 kVA 825kVA generator set, which adopts a novelty design and advanced manufacturing technique. Our generator specializes in providing high price/quality ratio and uses original imports from South Korea. Additionally, it comes standard with a 50℃ radiator, adding an extra layer of reliability to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Our experienced team regards quality and service as the life and death line of the company. Leistung Energie's diesel generator has been operating for many years and has earned a reputation for providing superior service, including answering any and all queries potential customers may have about their generator's specifications. Contact us for more information.