ES9000 HVVFD is a product in the lineup of reliable variable frequency, speed regulation, and energy savings dives, developed, designed and produced by Leistung Energie based on years of cooperation with ABB, a worldwide well-known electric company, and on its own rich practical experience in the electric drive and the automation engineering application for almost 20 years, with effective absorption of leading-edge technologies and in consideration of many countries' actual conditions.

ES Series High Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

Model   ES9000

Product Description

Adopting the state-of-the art technology of flux optimization and control with space vector PWM in the world, ES9000 HVVFD features flux optimization function, high hardware reliability, excellent performance, operating system in English, high overload capacity, superb adaptability to various power grids, and high starting torque. Therefore, it is applicable to power grid and industrial equipment in most countries in the world. Voltage classes of ES9000 HVVFD cover 3.3 kV/6 kV/10 kV. Product series include the general HVVFD series, the dedicated HVVFD series for the synchronous motor, the dedicated HVVFD series for the belt conveyor, the four-quadrant HVVFD series, the soft-start and synchronous undisturbed switching HVVFD series. Leistung Energie products are widely applied in all types of loads like draught fans, pumps, compressors, internal mixers, belt conveyors, and hoistesr and have won high and wide praise from users. Leistung Energie is engaged to delivering HVVFDs with the highest quality and best cost performance in the world.

Application Description

Typical Application
·Motor load simulation test
·Mine hoister, winch
·Downward belt conveyor
·Crane, gantry crane, tower crane

ES9000 HVVFD Product Catalog