GW22A series single column single arm vertical shrinkable outdoor 3 phases high voltage AC disconnector, applied to the electrical system of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, vertical shrinkable disconnector used in HV lines transfer in free of load condition and electric disconnection for maintenance of HV busbar, circuit breaker and live HV lines,etc.

GW22A Series Single Column Single Arm Vertical Shrinkable HV AC Disconnector

Model   GW22A

Product Description

GW22 Ⅲ Series Shrinkable HV AC Disconnector, is a single column disconnector, single arm, contact break, vertically shrinkable, clamping type, including three single poles, each of which is single column structure. It is composed of pedestal, pillar insulator, rotary insulator, main blade, static contact-head of main blade, etc.Pillar insulator and rotary insulator are installed on the same pedestal. The main blade installed on the top of pillar insulator and rotary insulator. Static contact-head of main blade installed on live busbar. Main blade is designed as single folding arm structure, just like human arm folding when opening, vertically combining an isolating contact break with static contact-head just above it. Blade closing is just like human arm folding, moving contact-head closely clamped static contact-head. Then blade closing completed.

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