GW23A series double columns horizontally shrinkable,HV,AC disconnector,applied in rated voltage power supply system,with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, Double Column HV AC Disconnector used in HV lines transfer in free of load condition, and electrical disconnection for maintenance of HV busbar,circuit breaker and live HV lines,etc.

GW23A Series Double Column Horizontally Shrinkable HV AC Disconnector

Model   GW23A

Product Description

GW23A series high voltage disconnector includes three poles, each is a double column type structure, divided into two parts, dynamic side and static side. Dynamic side is mainly composed of base, post insulator, rotating insulator, main blade etc.Post insulator, rotating insulator is on the base, main knife is installed at the top of the post insulator and operating insulator. Static side is mainly composed of the base, post insulator, the main blade static contact. Post insulator is setted on the base, the main blade static contact is on the post insulator. Main knife for manipulator type single arm folding structure, break-brake just as man’s arm when folded upwards, and horizontal direction of the static contact clearly marked the level of insulation is formed between the breaking.

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