GW7-800/1100 serious outdoor,HV,AC earthing switch is outdoor used,three phase,alternating current,high voltage electrical equipment,mainly applied in power supply system of 50 Hz or 60 Hz rated power frequency, which is single column, single arm,straight plug-in type structure, providing reliable earthing for high voltage lines and high voltage electrical equipment (such as overhauled HV busbar, circuit breaker, instrument transformer,disconnector etc,) in power short conditions, to ensure the safety of key equipment and maintenance persons.

GW7 Type Outdoor HV AC Earthing Switch

Model   GW7-800/1100

Product Description

The GW7 three phase indoor hv earthing switch adopts two-step operation structure which rotate in the vertical plane then insert the static contacts straightly. Compared with the folded type, this structure is more simple and reliable.

The equipped earthing blade adopts single arm straight plug-in type earthing switches, with moving contact stick into rose-shaped static contact head of the mesh structure, contact pressure produced by loop contact-finger spring which laterally fixed on static contact-head, more contact points, strong conductivity.

Double four levers structure design realizes switching operation of earthing blade stably and reliably.

Heavy hammer is adopted to effectively balance the gravity of earthing blade to make switching operation easy and effortless.

It is used CJTKC type worm gear motor operation mechanism which has reliable operation, small operating force to switch,high protection level and long mechanical life.

Leistung Energie is a professional indoor hv earthing switch manufacturer.