GW7F series disconnector is the three columns, double break, horizontally reverse type structure, double break HV AC disconnector applied to the electrical system of rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, used in HV lines transfer in free of load condition and electric disconnection for maintenance of HV busbar, circuit breaker and live HV lines, etc.

GW7F Series Three Columns Horizontally Reverse HV AC Disconnector

Model   GW7F

Product Description

GW7F Series ac hv disconnectorhorizontally reverse type disconnector is composed of three poles.Each pole is 3 columns structure,consisting of pedestal, pillar insulator, main blade, static contact-head of main blade, etc.Three pillar insulators separately are vertically installed on pedestal. The main blade is installed on the top of middle pillar insulator. Other 2 static contact-head are installed on the top of side pillar insulator. When main blade on the top of middle pillar insulator horizontally rotates for 70 degree, moving contact will insert into static contact then reverse for 45 degree, which makes static contact-fingers clamp the moving contact to finish one blade closing operation. For opening blade operation, vice versa.

The GW7F three ac series hv disconnector's Main features:

The three columns hv disconnector adopts reverse type, the conductive tube is two-step operation which enables the moving contact-head to reliably connect the contact-finger. Few operational force, stable manipulation and no impact force on side pillar insulator. Main contact-head has selfcleaning ability.

The contact-finger side in static contact pedestal fixed on contact-head pedestal, which combined fixed coupling or reliable conductivity.Other contact-finger side generates contact pressure on contact-head through itself elasticity and external-pressured spring.It will automatically strengthen clamping orce when short circuit current passes by.

Contact-finger spring is made of stainless steel material with insulating pad, which avoiding the spring rust and shunt.

Hooking plate is placed on static contact-head. When blade closed, it will lock the moving contact-head and not let it take off even under the circumstance of gale, vibration and power effect. Reverse mechanism of conductive tube is enclosed type, with anti-rain, anti-dust, anticorrosion, to operate correct and reliable.

Splint and hoop connected mode is adopted between main blade mechanism and vertical lever which connecting the body, and horizontal lever which connecting three poles of earth blade instead of soldering in working site. Horizontal lever which connecting three poles of main blade adopts positive and negative thread contact connection, which realized poleless adjustment, avoiding soldering and drilling in working site. It is both convenient for customer to installation, debugging, dis-assembly and maintenance in working site, and avoiding corrosion and rust caused by soldering.

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