Production standard: UL 719
1.Conductor: annealed copper, comply to ASTM B3
2.Insulation: PVC, type THHN.
Color for 2 conductors: white, black;
Color for 3 conductors: white, black, red
3.Wrapping: kraft paper tape over the grounding conductor
4.Core jacket: Nylon
5.assembly: the conductor laid parallel, with kraft paper tape wrapped.
Jacket: PVC, flame retardant. 90℃

Indoor Wire Copper NM-B Cable

Model   NM-B

Product Description

Leistung Energie NM-B cable complies with the following:
• Listed per UL Standard 719
• UL 83 (Conductor Construction)
• ASTM B-3 and B-8
• Federal Specification A-A-59544
• National Electrical Code, NFPA 70
• REACH/RoHS Compliant
Leistung Energie NM-B cable is manufactured as 2, 3, or 4 conductor cable, with a bare ground wire. Copper conductors are annealed (soft) copper. Stranded conductors are compressed stranded. Conductor insulation is 90°C-rated polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon jacketed. Leistung Energie NM-B cable is designed for easier pulling, resulting in easier installation. The cable jacket is color-coded for quick size identification; White - 14 AWG, Yellow - 12 AWG, Orange - 10 AWG, and Black - 8 AWG and 6 AWG.

Application Description

Leistung Energie NM-B (nonmetallic-sheathed) cable may be used for both exposed and concealed work in normally dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C (with ampacity limited to that for 60°C conductors) as specified in the National Electrical Code. NM-B cable is primarily used in residential wiring as branch circuits for outlets, switches, and other loads. NM-B cable may be run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls where such walls are not wet or damp locations. Voltage rating for NM-B cable is 600 volts.