JW7 Series high voltage earthing switch is suitable for the electrical power system in which the rated frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz, which has the advantages of good electrical and mechanical features, good anti-corrosion features, and small operating force. JW7 Series, HV, AC earthing switch consists of three single poles, in which each pole is single column structure.

JW7 Type High Voltage AC Earthing Switch

Model   JW7 TH

Product Description

The high voltage earthing switch is mainly composed of pedestal, post insulator, earthing blade, earthing static contacts etc. Earthing blade is installed beneath of the post insulator,on the top of which installed the earthing static contact. When blade is opening, vertical across open contact will be formed between earthing blade and earthing static contact. When blade is closing, earthing blade will run rotary motion in the vertical plane. When it is getting close to closing point, earthing blade will insert the static contact with linear motion to finish blade closing. Opening operation is vice versa.

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