Safe and reliable protection of electrical equipment
Leistung Energie electrical equipment surge arresters are the primary protection against atmospheric and switching overvoltages. Leistung Energie offers a complete range of electrical surge arrester for high voltage applications comprising of solutions for AC and DC up to 500kV as well as special applications. The portfolio includes porcelain housed, silicone housed, or SF6-insulated high voltage arresters. The designs are type tested according to the IEC 60099-4 and also comply with customer-specific standards.

High Voltage Surge Arrester

Model   HVSA

Product Description

After introducing the international advanced technology, Leistung Energie researched High Voltage Surge Arrester based on several years’ design and manufacturing of power equipment.

The HVSA high voltage surge arrester's Applications
▪ Protection of AIS and GIS substation equipment
▪ HVDC protection
▪ Protection of series capacitor banks
▪ Protection of cables
▪ Protection of transmission lines
▪ Polluted areas and areas with high seismic activities

Why Leistung Energie?
▪ Designed to be safe and survive high stresses with ease
▪ Focus on quality at all stages, from raw material through to finished product
▪ Custom solutions for protection levels, energy capability, and different dimensions can also be developed

​​​​​​​Leistung Energie is a professional high voltage surge arrester manufacturer.

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