Leistung Energie Natural Gas Co-generation is suitable for industrial users such as hotels, hospitals, schools, clubs, large-scale commercial organisations and factories.

Natural Gas Cogeneration

Model   NGC

Product Description

After introducing the international advanced technology, Leistung Energie researched Natural Gas Cogeneration generator set based on several years’ design and manufacturing of power equipment. The product adopts novelty design and advanced manufacturing technique. It represents energy-conversation, environmental protection philosophy for the production, usage and lifetime.

Product Features:

1. Stable and reliable;

2. High efficiency of power generation;

3. Low gas consumption rate;

4. Low cost of operation and maintenance;

5. The consumption rate of lubricating oil is less than 0.1g/kWeh;

6. The overhaul period is as high as 80,000 hours;

7. Durable;

8. Small dimensions and short installation time.

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Natural Gas Cogeneration Product Catalog