The high insulation capacitive voltage transformer operating environment a wide range of temperature range -45℃~+55 ℃, the highest elevation to meet the 5000m, the maximum wind speed 150km/h, the maximum seismic intensity of 9 degrees.

Oil Immersed Capacitive Voltage Transformer

Model   CVT

Product Description

The oil immersed capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) for the stacked structure, by the capacitive voltage divider and the electromagnetic unit of two parts. Capacitor divider consists of one or several sections of capacitors in series, a terminal at the top of the capacitive voltage divider, the installation direction can be rotated according to site needs. The top of the capacitive divider is equipped with an expander to adjust the oil volume change caused by temperature changes. The electromagnetic unit is mainly composed of an intermediate transformer, compensation reactor, damping device, and fuel tank. Fuel tank with junction box, oil level inspection window, oil injection hole, drain valve and ground plate, the second terminal from the junction box leads.

The oil immersed power transformer main performance characteristics: power frequency withstands voltage, the impact of high insulation level, the capacitance divider dielectric loss factor (tgδ)<0.1%, partial discharge in Um≤5pC, the use of fast saturated reactor damping circuit, with excellent instantaneous Variable response and inhibition of ferromagnetic resonance performance, capacitance divider capacitance temperature coefficient is small, high precision, good error stability.

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