Leistung Energie provides you with renewable energy utilization solutions and equipment


Renewable energy, including solar power and wind power, will occupy a more and more important position in people's life in the future. The extensive use of clean energy can not only prevent the rise of power costs and fuel price fluctuations, but also clean energy solutions such as solar power are very important to slow down the rate of climate change and prevent further damage to the environment.

Leistung Energie is committed to providing customers with installation solutions for the use of renewable energy in life. We can provide customized individual solutions according to the actual situation of each user, and also provide users with reliable and efficient equipment, so that the project can proceed smoothly.

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Leistung Energie is a professional power application solutions provider. For more details, please call customer service for consultation.

Leistung Energie Group is an innovating energy technology leader in power grids, electrification products, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. With 20 years‘ experience in electric and energy sectors, as well as dedication, advanced technology and commitment to service, Leistung Energie specializes in LV/MV/HV standard and custom products and accessories from more than 10 factories all over the world, with proven track records of reliability, focused on safety and quality while providing competitive prices, short lead times and uncompromising back-up and support 24-Hour/7-Day.

Corporate Values
High Efficiency : High efficiency enables us to create greater value for our customers. Efficiency is an important guarantee to achieve our vision and mission.
Creation : The archetypal characteristic of the creator is altruism. We are born ordinary, and all of us are created and changed from nothing.
Learning : We pursue the development of people, only the development of the enterprise can develop, the development of people can not be separated from continuous learning.
Integrity : We believe that operating enterprises is operating credit, integrity is the best business strategy and brand marketing.
Equality : We respect each other and we defend the equal right of everyone to get what they deserve and the equal opportunity to learn and develop.
Responsibility : We are not only delivering products and services, we are always fulfilling our customers s‘ trust, we are also shouldering the responsibility to make the life of people around us better.

Leistung Energie’ s vision is to make the concept of sustainable development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature by providing more intelligent and efficient energy utilization solutions.

Many ABB, Schneider, GE products provide useful service for 30-40 years or more, however we can extend the life of any switchgear throughout product life cycle. From the original equipment to modern apparatus with superior performance, we analyze the original device characteristic to design the new retrofitting apparatus. In this way we use circuit-breakers and contactors from the shelf, fully routine and type tested equipment. In other words we customize the retrofitting solution.

Why Leistung Energie?
▪ As gas insulated switchgear manufacturers, we have world Class Factory and Facilities
▪In-house Official Authorized Testing Laboratory
▪Full engineering and technical support
▪Short Lead Time & Fast response
▪Experienced R&D Team & Proprietary Patents
▪Fully Type Tested according to IEC(AS) 62271.200
▪Internal Arc Fault Type Tested A-FLR
▪Solutions for all kinds of applications
▪HV section totally independent of environmental influences
▪High level of reliability
▪Maximum availability with minimum maintenance requirements



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