Low Voltage 0.6/1KV Copper Or Aluminium Conductor Armoured Or Unarmoured Power Cable

Low Voltage 0.6KV 1KV Copper or Aluminium Conductor Armoured or Unarmoured Power Cable

Model   LV0.6

Product Description

Application and Description

For use in fixed installations in industrial areas, buildings and similar applications.
Standard and Approval

Cable Construction
Annealed copper conductor or aluminium conductor, circular compacted stranded class 2 acc. to IEC 60228
Cross-linked polyethylene XLPE,PVC
PVC,or LSOH (special low smoke zero halogen compound)
Single layer of galvanized steel wires or steel tape applied spirally over the bedding (SWA) for multi-core cable; Aluminim wire or aluminium tape for single core cables
PVC, PE or LSOH.Flame retardant, UV resistance, or termite-protection is optional

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Technical Characteristics

Colour of sheath: black
Core identification: HD 308 S2
Other colors available at customer request
2-core: brown, blue
3-core: brown, black, grey
4-core: blue, brown, black, grey
5-core: green-yellow, blue, brown, black, grey
auxiliary cables: white with black numbering
Maximum conductor operating temperature: +90°C
Lowest ambient temperature for fixed installation: -40°C
Lowest installation temperature: 0°C
Maximum short-circuit conductor temperature: +250°C
Smoke emission: BS EN 61034-2
Corrosive and acid gas emission: BS EN 60754-1, HCL ≤ 0,5%
Minimum bending radius: 6 x D for cables with circular copper
conductors D – overall diameter of the cable
Test voltage: 3.5kV