Leistung Energie Low Voltage Withdrawable Type Switchboard

Low Voltage Withdrawable Type Switchboard

Model   LVWT

Product Description

The LVWT low voltage switchboard Features:
·Fully withdrawable-type PCC/ MCC that are able to distribute currents up to 6300 Amps
·Structures are partitioned with individual pull-out modules–ease of installation and replacements
·Withdrawable-type PCC are designed with breaker compartments that can be used to mount circuit breakers on slideout horizontal plates;MCC for mounting of starters
·Withdrawable-type columns may be equipped with up to 9 modules each of 175mm height given that 250mm (3 pole) or 425mm (4 pole) offset is reserved for the horizontal busbars
·Module heights can range from 175mm (1 module) for a starter rating of 37kW to 700mm (4 modules) for a starter rating of 250kW
·Use of 1000A dropper busbar
·Withdrawable modules consist of jaws which are clamped onto the vertical busbars for connection
·Disconnecting contacts for auxiliary connections
·Withdrawable modules are built in compliance with international standard IEC 61439-1 which regulates the drawer extraction and locking system
·Unique connection feature: IN/ OUT/ TEST
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Leistung Energie is a professional low voltage electrical switchboard manufacturer.