Leistung Energie LV series busway system is a reliable and efficient electrical distribution system with sandwich construction and superior performance. It is a safe and robust power distribution system with high electrical efficiency, low voltage drop, high mechanical strength.

LV series busway system

Model   Low voltage series

Product Description

The system offers a full line of busway to meet the world market: suitable for 3P3W, 3P4W, 3P5W, power supply and distribution, with rated current from 250A to 5000A for aluminum conductor) & 400A to 6300A (for copper conductor), rated operation voltage up to 690V(rated insulation voltage up to 1000V), IP degree up to IP66 and the frequency 50~60Hz.

Constructed with two-piece of extruded aluminum housing, LV series busway breaks the barrier of weight as one of the lightest busway system in the business and offers you maximum flexibility. The full aluminum alloy housing, a low magnetic material, avoids hysteresis loss in distribution system.

Leistung Energie LV series busway provides longer life epoxy insulation as option to polyester insulation.
From every aspect—performance, flexibility, quality and customer value, LV series busway is a superior choice for your next installation.

Application Description

Leistung Energie LV series busway system is an ideal choice for various applications including commercial, industrial buildings, data centers, rail transit, etc.

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