LW30-72.5/3150-40 SF6 high-voltage AC circuit breaker is of 3-phase 50Hz high-voltage switchgear,used for the control and protection of 72.5kV power distribution and transmission system,as well as the network interconnected circuit breakers and the switching of capacitor banks.

The 72.5kv HV SF6 circuit breaker conforms to IEC56 and GB1984-2003 about high-voltage alternating current circuit breakers.

LW30 72.5kV HV SF6 Circuit Breaker

Model   LW30-72.5/3150-40

Product Description

After introducing the international advanced technology, Leistung Energie researched LW30 72.5kV outdoor hv sf6 circuit breaker based on several years’ design and manufacturing of air insulated switchgear.

The LW30 72.5kV sf6 hv circuit breaker's Structure and Features:
▪Self-energized arc control principle, excellent breaking capacity full capacity breaking could reach 20 times;
▪Short arcing time, long electrical life, low operation noise;
▪Adopting SF6 as the insulating medium, no danger of fire and explosion, could be used for the population dense area;
▪Spring operating mechanism is incorporated to provide simple and compact structure, safe and reliable operation;
▪Long mechanical endurance, coming upto 10000 times;
▪High technological level of anticorrosive and anti-low-temperature features.

The professional outdoor hv sf6 circuit breaker manufacturer.

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