Leistung Energie's AMS family of IEC switchgear is type-tested for the global as well as Australian market and encompasses rated designs for ratings up to 36kV and up to 4000A, 50kA/3s, Internal Arc Fault Rated A-FLR 40kA/1s.

Medium Voltage Air insulated Metal Clad Primary Distribution Switchgear

Model   AMS

Product Description

AMS Model MV switchgear, designed in Germany, is fully metal-clad, air-insulated, arc proof and a proven compact safe design based on “safety by design” engineering principle by encompassing perfect and specific interlocking switchgear systems.

Leistung Energie custom designs the LV control chambers to suit all brands of protection and control relay equipment that may be specific to the client’s requirement or alternatively we can engineer and select the solution required.

Leistung Energie locally designs, engineer and supports the range of switchgear for individual projects in our local switchgear factories.

AMS model switchgear is not only to incorporate with the cassette type of withdrawable VEP model embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker, but also to incorporate with an SF6 gas-insulated circuit breaker, a fused-contactor, a load break switch, an isolation truck, and a VT truck, according to individual system designs. To guarantee high strength, high dimensional accuracy and high mechanical quality especially for anti-seismic applications, AMS metal clad MV switchgear is made of aluzinc sheet metal by a double bending & rivet-fixing technology and fabricated by high precision assembly facilities.

AMS Air insulated MV switchgear can be used in power distribution systems of power plants, power utilities, and all industrial sections as control and protection equipment for transformers, motors, and capacitor banks, etc.

Leistung Energie is a professional AMS MV switchgear provider.

Rated VoltagekV3.6/7.2/12
Rated FrequencyHz50
Rated withstand voltage at power frequency (1min)kV42/48(Across the isolating distance)
Rated lighting impluse withstand voltage (peak)kV75/85 (Across the isolating distance)
Rated currentA630/1250/1600/2000/2500/3150/4000
Rated short time withstand current (4s)kA20/25/31.5/40/50
Rated peak withstand current (peak)kA50/63/80/125/150
Resistance of main circuitμΩ≤150+CT (≤630A)≤100+CT (≤1250A)≤70+CT (≤2000A)≤50+CT (≤2500A)
Degrees of protectionenclosureIP4X
Door of circuit breaker compartment openedIP2X

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