Pro-T Insulated Pipe Busway

Pro-T Insulated Pipe Busway

Model   Pro-T

Product Description

■ 12 related patents designed. Prevent the introduction of external impurities between the main insulation layer and the inner shield, as well as the outer shield.

■ To prevent accidental damage to internal shielding and primary insulation during manufacturing.

■ The internal and external shielding is closely combined with the main insulation layer, which improves the performance of partial discharge resistance and in the fight against wear.

■ The insulation material is made of high quality ethylene propylene diene diene rubber (EPDM), which not only has excellent electrical insulation performance and corona resistance, but also has aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

■ EPDM (ethylene propylene diene ternary rubber) adding with a variety of compounding agents, after being thoroughly mixed, extruded on a tubular conductor, and then heated and vulcanized.

Product Type Insulate pipe busduct
Design Criteria DL 1658 AND GB/T 8349
Conductor Type Cu pipe/ AL pipe
Rated Current 630A-6300A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Voltage 3.6-40.5KV
Product Series Semic insulated/ Insulated