ZCW10-40.5/T1600-31.5 COMPASS takes air as external insulation and SF6 as arc-control medium. It is used for three-phase AC 40.5kV transmission and distribution system. It is also applicable for connecting circuit breakers and switching capacitor bank.

ZCW 10 40.5kV Compass

Model   ZCW10-40.5/T1600-31.5

Product Description

The zcw 10 40.5kV electronic compass's Structure and Features:
▪Combine circuit breaker,disconnector,earthing switch,current transformer,SF6 voltage transformer,lightning arrestor,busbar and other components upon the supporting steel, with compact structure.
▪The occupied space is only 30%~50% of the separated type.
▪Adopt new arc-control chamber, SF6 voltage transformer, and composite insulator LA with high-performance,with little maintenance.
▪Self-supporting busbars are used between bays, without supporting steels or insulators.
▪Flexible arrangement, is applicable for all kinds of connection mode.
▪ZCW10 is fitted with optimized self-energy arc-control chamber and CT10-A spring mechanism.

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