ZF-40.5(L)/3150-40 Gas Insulated Switchgear is applicable for three-phase AC 40.5kV transmission and distribution system. It is used for opening and closing overcurrent, load current, and fault current, and converting and insulating lines, and measuring voltage, current, and protecting overvoltage and etc.

ZF 40.5kV Gas Insulated Switchgear

Model   ZF-40.5(L)/3150-40

Product Description

The ZF 40.5kV high voltage gas insulated switchgear Structure and Features:
▪HV active parts are enclosed in the anti-corrosive aluminium alloy enclosure filled with SF6, with low weight and strong corrosive resistance.
▪Compact and simple module can satisfy the requirements of single and double system,and almost all kinds of connections.
▪Circuit breaker adopts optimized three-phase-in-one-enclosure arc-control chamber,and CT10A spring mechanism,which is convenient for frequent operation.
▪Adopt integrated disconnector/earthing switch,with compact structure and little colume.
▪Current transformer, lightning arrestor and other components adopt advanced plug-in technology,which is convenient for transportation and site installation.
▪Insulation components adopt advanced pouring processing line imported from Germany,which ensures super mechanical and electrical performances.
▪The Compact Gas Insulated Switchgear adopt digital technology, realizing control, protection, measurement, communication, display, and other functions.

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