ZF10-145G(L) Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear (hereinafter referred as GIS) is applicable for the electrical system with features of three phases AC, 50HZ, and rated voltage of 145kV.

ZF10 145G Gas Insulated Switchgear

Model   ZF10-145G(L)

Product Description

The GIS Switchgear design abides by the relative requirements of the national standard-GB7674-2008 and international standard IEC60517-1990. All the components inside the 145G Gas Insulated Switchgear conform to the corresponding national standard.

Structure and Features:
▪Newly-designed outdoor GIS switchgear, with min. width of 0.8 m.
▪The incorporated circuit breaker adopts a self-energized arc -extinguishing principle with advantages of strong breaking capacity,short arcing endurance,3-cycle full breaking time, long electrical endurance, simple structure, and reliable performance.
▪The breaker is matched with a CT26 spring operating mechanism with a simple and compact structure,high reliability,little maintenance,long mechanical life (up to 10000 times), which conforms to the requirement of “oil-free”.
▪A modular design provides flexibility for substation arrangements and future expansion or rebuilding.It can be assembled with multiple connection styles,such as single bus bar section, bridge connection, double bus bars and so on, according to the user’s requirements.
▪The enclosure of the GIS is made of aluminum and lightweight lessens the load requirement on the foundation.
▪The radio interference level is lower than 500μV, which allows the GIS to be installed in an urban districts and residential areas.
▪The GIS can be operated in the toughest conditions,such as heavy pollution,frequent hail, high altitude,frequent earthquakes,hard to dig mountainous terrain and crowded urban districts with limited space.
▪The GIS can be delivered fully assembled except the outgoing bushing and partial connection bus bars, allowing for fast and easy on-site installation.
▪On-line monitor and diligent control can be available according to clients’ requirements.

Rated voltagekV145
Rated frequencyHz50
Rated currentA2000 2500 3150
Rated short-time withstand currentkA31.5,40/4
Rated peak withstand currentkA80 100