Breaker, disconnector, grounding switch, built-in current transformer and incoming and outcoming bushing such as combination of grounding are put in metal shell, filling certain pressure SF6 gases as insulating medium composed of complete sets of equipment, which applies to AC three-poles 50Hz, rated voltage 72.5~126KV power supply system.

ZHW 126kV Pass

Model   ZHW-126

Product Description

The three-phase pass high voltage gas insulated switchgear's Structure and Features:

▪ZHW-126 HV GIS adopts three-phase pass box structure,conneted through outcoming bushing and overhead line.
▪Gas system of ZHW-126 is divided by function and requirment of the users, circuit breaker and current transformer in one air compartment, disconnector, grounding switch and outcoming bushing in one air compartment or separately placed.
▪Generally,there is only one local controller cabinet in bay,secondary connection of the control,state signal,density monitor signal and current transformer are connected to local controller cabinet, and then local controller cabinet is connected to main console cabinet.
▪The circuit breaker adoptes arcing principle,strong opening ability,short time arc, long life,full capacity opening 20 times, simple structure and reliable.
▪The circuit breaker uses the CT26 spring operating mechanisms,it has compact structure high reliability,minimal maintenance,mechanical life more than 10000 times and meets the requirment of no-oil.
▪Use volume of SF6 is 40% of the GIS.It has advantage such as low noise, Low level of radio interference,meeting the environmental requirements.
▪Outcoming bushing adopts silastic composite insulator bushing,anti-fouling ability and mechanical performance are high, the weight of the equipment is light.

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